Behind our fresh, delicious and delightful products, food safety is our first priority and
uncompromising standard practice. We meticulously operate our seafood processing
facilities and shrimp farming under the widely accepted international food safety
standards and quality management systems. Some of our world-class certified
achievements in farming, food handling and processing include GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001,
BRC, IFS, BAP, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 14001. We also possess the state-of-art laboratories
to perform chemical and microbiological analysis to ensure that our products are
completely safe, free from food-borne pathogens and antibiotic residues.

Without the ability to identify the origin of our products and how they are handled,
our world-class quality management cannot be accomplished. Traceability system is
integrated in our strategically systematic approach to our quality-oriented production
process. We are among the first in the industry to implement leading-edge traceability
practices and continually develop and implement systematic foundations to ensure
the integrity and transparency of our quality system.
Our practical traceability system is capable of tracking seafood from the consumer’s
plate back to the point of harvest, thereby giving consumers the confidence that comes
with knowing exactly where their dinner comes from and how it has been handled.