Thailand, also known as the “Kitchen of the World”, has long been in the first frontier of global seafood supply. Located at the most strategical geographical area of Southeast Asia, Thailand has an extended coastline over 3,000 kilometres connecting with 2 major oceans, the Andaman and the Gulf of Thailand, both of which allow Thailand to gain access to abandant natural seafood. In addition to the geographic advantage, Thailand is surrounded by suitable tropical climate accompanied with Thai people

know-how and skill in agricultural and farming gained from experience passed from generation to generation. All of these make Thailand one of the most competitive sources when it comes to seafood and its related supplies. Thus, wherever the seafood product labeled “Product of Thailand”, it does not
only mean the trace of its origin, but it also means exceptional quality of our seafood supplies originated from Thailand.


Capitalized on its vast experience in the frozen seafood business, PTN Group has horizontally expanded its operations into refrigerated warehousing and cold storage services. Operating under the name of Thepmanee Cold Storage, the Group’s modern cold storage facilities are positioned in 3 strategic locations—Chanthaburi, Samutsakorn, Talad Tai (Northern Bangkok). Each location is proximate to Thailand’s major food distribution hubs and food processing industrial zones as well as the country’s main logistic infrastructures.

The provision of these services enables PTN Group to gain access to wide verity of fresh food supplies, including vegetables and fruits, beside seafood supply, all of which are fresh ingredients for several value-added products and ready-to-eat meals that we have continuously expanded our production line and market.